How long will I have access to The Crowdfunding Success Course? +

The Crowdfunding Arsenal will be yours...FOREVER. Download the files and save them to your computer. One of the great things about being digital information is the ability to share it with your entire team. Having your entire crowdfunding team read the manual and listen to the audio  is essential to your success. You’re all on the same crowdfunding page, therefore, you should all be on the same fundraising page with the knowledge and tools we provide.

What if I have questions during the campaign or I don’t understand something in the system? +

We’re here for you! One of the great things about the crowdfunding community is that we ARE a community. We’re a group of people, like you, who wanted to succeed and needed the powerful tool of crowdfunding to get us there. Let us know how we can help, and we will answer questions in as timely manner as possible.

Do I really need The Crowdfunding Arsenal? Can’t I just hire the coach? +

The manual and audio system are the foundation. You will learn all of our crowdfunding principles and begin to implement them.

We like to equate this to being a racecar driver. Could you jump into the car and floor it as long as you had your coach next to you? Sure. But taking the course on the complete ins and outs of the car is going to give you the confidence in your vehicle, literally, to drive it successfully to the finish.

If winning and surpassing your goal is what really matters, we strongly suggest starting with The Crowdfunding Arsenal to help us help you do that better.

What makes you different than other Crowdfunding companies out there? +

The best part of knowing that there’s nothing out there like this, is there’s nothing out there like this. Google: How to get a successful crowdfunding campaign and the answers you will find will be based on the quality of your video, or the keenness of your rewards. But the truth is, no crowdfunding information out there breaks down on a mathematical level how many social media platforms to access, what the percentage of each platform is worth so you know where to put your focus, or plain and simple, how many people does each crowdfunding member have to target for a donation for you to surpass your goal and have a $7,000-$10,000 OPENING DAY. All those details are laid out here in The Crowfunding Arsenal that can not only be done successfully, but can be done more than once, on more than just one campaign.

If I buy The Crowdfunding Arsenal but then don't want it, can I get a refund? +

Of course. We have a 30 day money back guarantee. As long as you cancel before 30 days, you will be refunded completely..

How can I pay? Do you accept credit/debit cards? Do you accept payment plans? +

We’re working actors, producers, and writers, so we understand the financial element and want you to be financially successful. Don’t let $ stop you from your learning. You’re investing in you. They call that human capital, and unlike a new phone, you can never lose the information you gain from taking our course. And yes we accept credit cards.

Honestly, I hate asking people for money? How will this help me? +

It will make it easier. Plain and simple, you need your “Crowd” to “Fund” your project. So let’s get you trained so that the task of crowdfunding becomes easier and instead of telling people about the fear of asking your friends and family for money, you’re talking about the fear of making your dream come true. Which fear would you prefer?

Can’t I just pay someone to do all this crowdfunding work for me? +

Yes, you can. But years ago I was told by a producing partner of mine that, “No one is going to work harder on your dream than you”.   Trust me, the satisfaction from having done it yourself is not like nothing you’ve ever experience. So let’s get you out there, doing it yourself.

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